MedResponse adheres to all HIPAA standards and regulations as legally required. Training begins on the first day of employment. The program begins with a general introduction to MedResponse staff and facility. Our training program’s first week is spent being familiarized and tested on ambulance operations, equipment, and procedures. The new employee rides as a third person in an ambulance and is introduced to the responsibilities of an EMT. They are shown the necessary procedures of transporting critically ill or injured patients as well as routine patient transports. Our training program is hands on and gives the new employees a new depth of learning. All new employees are monitored closely by training coordinators who maintain documentation through the process. MedResponse Inc. upholds very high standards of conduct and performance from all of its employees. This facilitates the best care for our patients and future patients. At MedResponse we promote professional development in our EMTs through continuing education. We believe an EMT is always in training, learning new techniques to better and efficiently assist patients in an emergency. Regular performance evaluations help us accomplish our goal of being the premier provider of emergency medical services.

Employees are provided continuing education in a vast range of ways. During our mandatory bimonthly meetings we implement skill training to help our employees remain proficient and confident in patient handling maneuvers. We also tech the most up to date skills and techniques to be used during patient transport. Our programs include HIPPA, Injury and Illness Prevention, Blood Bourne Pathogen, Scene Safety, EVOC Drivers Training, Infection Control, Quarterly Employee Meetings, and Skill Testing.