Emergency Medical Services

MedResponse provides emergency medical services to Los Angeles City and County since 2002. We have more than a hundred employees and thirty ambulances available that provide ALS, BLS, CCT and SCT services. MedResponse offers a number of emergency services. The communications center has a new state of the art computer aided dispatch system by Zoll Data – Rescue Net, which possess real-time GPS vehicle locating and mapping systems allow us to reach patients in record time. In addition to high speed internet connection at each dispatcher’s console for real-time freeway and surface street traffic monitors using “Sigalert” and CHP dispatch freeway monitoring, “ATSAC” surface street traffic monitoring. MedResponse employs Mercedes Sprinter (Type II) vehicles due to their quality, reliability, safety. These vehicles are investments in ensuring our immediate response time to aid our patients. For transports that require a larger space and weight handling capability MedResponse does utilize newer Type III Ford modular ambulances. These ambulances are designed for higher levels of care when a larger crew and more equipment onboard the ambulance is necessary. MedResponse utilizes a newer fleet of ambulances to ensure optimum patient comfort, satisfaction and to assure reliability. MedResponse has also established preventative and regular vehicle maintenance programs that exceed manufacturer standards keeping every vehicle up to date.